What good nutrition really means

The word “diet” is used too often in a negative sense, and most of our thoughts when someone says “you should try a diet” include: “heck no”, “ugh no”, “but why”, and “is there ANYTHING else I can do”. The truth is you do not need to restrict yourself from things you enjoy in order to see results.

We live in a time of convenience, where buying a quick bar at the store will serve as breakfast on the way to work or maybe a bag of chips will hold you over until dinner. When we eat out so often as well as eat processed items, we become unaware of what we are consistently putting into our bodies. Making your own meals and snacks is a great way to learn exactly what you are putting into your body, as well as maintaining a healthy life.

Food is not only important because we need it to survive and be healthy. Food is also a great source of pleasure and it’s connected to our feelings, emotions and culture.

It is possible to eat healthy and still enjoy the delicious foods that you desire. It only requires a bit of know how and the right foods to use. Vibrant Fit will provide you with customized grocery lists, meal plans, and recipes for every craving you have! Sweet, Spicy, Sour, Yummy! Once you pick up the habit of knowing what is good to eat and how to prepare it, the healthy recipes you never thought you would enjoy become easy and delicious.

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Nutritional Tips

The NUMBER 1 tip for better digestion? SLOW DOWN and CHEW your food! Eating while we are stressed and “on the go” is one of the biggest factors for poor digestion and digestive upset. By taking deep breaths, sitting down, chewing our food, setting our utensil down, and enjoying our food, we imitate our parasympathetic nervous system – aka “rest and digest”. If we eat in a “fight or flight” or sympathetic state, our body is not prepared to digest food, thus, we experience gas, bloating, undigested food, and poor nutrient absorption. So enjoy your food! Not only will you be more satiated, but you will even feel better.


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