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Your journey to becoming your ideal self awaits you.

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Vibrant Fit strives to promote healthy life styles in many different ways. We specialize in fitness, nutrition and self care.

We believe it's important to put yourself first and be kind to yourself mentally and physically.


Stay Vibrant

Vibrant fit strives to promote healthy life styles in many different ways. We specialize in maintaining a healthy life style and help our clients reach the results they want and truly be happy with what they have accomplished.



Working out helps clear your mind, makes your body feel amazing and is extremely beneficial! However, fitness is more than what you do at the gym, it's having the right mindset during that time.


Food! Who doesn’t love food?
Today's busy lifestyle can make it hard to eat healthy. It's important to enjoy what you eat and not deprive yourself from the foods you love.

Self Love

It is vital to take care of your self and treat your self with love. Having the right mind set is very important. Vibrant Fit is a huge advocate for a positive, happy life!


Inhale Exhale

It's important to relax and really appreciate everything. To take a step back and breath and take it all in. A lot of people get caught up and get lost in life and need some time to breathe.

Vibrant fit helps you focus on your self to help you lose your stress and reassess your life. We want the best for you.


About Us

Vibrant fit was started by co-founders Megan Weinraub and Matthew Scott to help everyone truly love who they are and take care of themselves.

Our mission is helping our clients get the results they want and be happy with what they have accomplished.

We are not just selling services and products, we transform our clients so they can reach their goals, and become their best healthier version of themselves.
Using our comprehensive knowledge in health & wellness, we educate our clients on how vital it is to live a positive, healthy and enjoyable life.


Start Your Journey

Your Journey to becoming your ideal self awaits you!

Schedule your first session today! We will TRAIN you for the goal that you have set for yourself, GROW your knowledge and understanding of how to preform exercises functionally and fundamentally. You will EVOLVE into your ideal self, reach your set goal and continue this process throughout your daily life.


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